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20th World Rose Convention 2025 in Fukuyama

Roses for the Future
–A New Future Begins in Fukuyama–

Create, Excite, and Shine Together!
Main Convention May 18-24, 2025
Pre-tour May 12-17, 2025
Post-tour May 25-30, 2025
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World Rose Convention Fukuyama Organizing Committee

Special advisors Japan Tourism Agency / Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport / Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Hiroshima Prefecture / Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition
President The Japan Rose Society
Organizing Committee Chair Fukuyama City
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History of Fukuyama, the City of Roses

Located at the center of the Seto Inland Sea coast, Fukuyama City sits in southeastern Hiroshima Prefecture. It is a hub city with a population of approximately 460,000, offering excellent access via the highway network and the Shinkansen (bullet train) train service. Known as the "City of Roses," Fukuyama boasts a million roses that flourish in its warm climate, offering scenic beauty across all seasons. The city is home to several notable sites, including the scenic harbor of Tomonoura, recognized as a Japan Heritage Site; Fukuyama Castle, which celebrated its 400th anniversary of construction in 2022; and Myoo-in, a temple housing two National Treasures. As for its industries, Fukuyama has developed as a city of manufacturing, with a diverse range of industries, including steel production and textile industry, notably high-quality denim used by top global brands.

The deep connection between the city of Fukuyama and roses traces back to the post-war reconstruction period following World War II. On August 8, 1945, Fukuyama City suffered an air raid that destroyed approximately 80% of its urban area. In the mid-1950s, with the wounds of war still fresh, a sentiment arose among the city's residents working towards reconstruction: "Let's plant flowers to bring vitality to our devastated city and restore comfort to our hearts." It was this movement that led to the planting of around 1,000 rose seedlings by citizens in what is now the city's Rose Park(Bara Koen), marking the beginning of Fukuyama's rose-centric urban development. This initiative, under the motto "Flowers are beautiful, and the hearts of those who nurture them are even more so," resonated deeply with the people. It inspired the creation of small rose flower beds throughout the city and various rose-themed initiatives, such as the communal celebration of the Fukuyama Rose Festival.

Town development during the postwar reconstruction period

The rose was officially designated as the city flower in 1985, solidifying its status as a symbol of Fukuyama. The city's Rose Park (Bara Koen), an important gathering spot for residents, was honored with the World Federation of Rose Societies Award of Garden Excellence in May 2006.

The affection for roses fostered a sense of compassion, kindness, and mutual cooperation, leading to the creation of the concept, "The Community Spirit through Roses". This spirit spread from home gardens to small flower beds along the streets, and eventually took root throughout the entire city. As a result of these efforts, the "Fukuyama City Rose Town Ordinance" was enacted in 2015. In 2016, coinciding with the centennial of the city's establishment, Fukuyama achieved its vision of becoming a "City of a Million Roses".

Fukuyama, a city of 100 million roses Fukuyama City 100th Anniversary Photo
What is the World Rose Convention?

The World Rose Convention is an international conference concerning roses, held every three years by the World Federation of Rose Societies. This event attracts approximately 600 to 700 participants from around the world, including rose researchers, producers, enthusiasts, and artists.

The World Rose Convention serves as a platform for addressing various challenges and discussing strategies to promote knowledge dissemination, research advancement, and the establishment of standards for rose classification, contest judging criteria, and more. It is an authoritative event that exerts a profound influence on the world of roses.

During the convention, representatives from rose societies around the world gather to deliberate on various committees, working towards the objectives of the World Federation of Rose Societies. Additionally, the convention facilitates the exchange of information among rose enthusiasts worldwide. Attendees have the opportunity to attend lectures on the latest developments in the world of roses and engage in garden tours hosted by the convention's host country. The convention also includes prestigious events such as the determination of recipients of the Award of Garden Excellence and the judging and announcement of new inductees to the Rose Hall of Fame.

The World Rose Convention not only fosters international collaboration but also serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, advancing research, and establishing global standards in the rose community. It is a highly respected event that significantly contributes to the worldwide promotion and development of roses.

At the 18th World Rose Convention held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2018, Fukuyama’s efforts over 60 years in fostering a city dedicated to roses and nurturing "The Community Spirit through Roses" (emphasizing compassion, kindness, and mutual cooperation) were acknowledged. As a result of these recognized efforts, it was decided that Fukuyama would host the milestone 20th World Rose Convention in 2024.

However, due to the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic that began in early 2020, the 19th World Rose Convention, which was planned to be held in Adelaide in 2021, was postponed by one year. Consequently, the 20th World Rose Convention scheduled to be held in Fukuyama was also deferred to 2025.

World rose conference image

This convention, centered around the theme of roses, presents an opportunity for many people to gather. We have thus established a fundamental policy aimed at preserving the outcomes of the convention as a legacy, both tangible and intangible, for the future of Fukuyama. This policy will remain even after the convention concludes. Our aim is to host a convention that not only satisfies attendees from around the world but also instills a sense of affection and pride for their hometown in the residents of Fukuyama.

World Rose Convention

The World Federation of Rose Societies hosts the World Rose Convention once every three years. This international conference about roses provides an opportunity for enthusiasts from around the world to deepen their interactions. The convention includes a variety of activities, such as lectures on roses, garden tours, determination of the Award of Garden Excellence recipients, and judging and selection for the Rose Hall of Fame.

World Federation of Rose Societies

The World Federation of Rose Societies is an organization with a history of approximately 50 years and is composed of rose associations from around 40 countries worldwide. In addition to hosting the World Rose Convention every three years, it also organizes regional conventions and heritage rose conferences. Its activities are focused on fostering exchanges and information sharing among rose enthusiasts from its member countries, promoting knowledge sharing and research, standardizing rose classification, and establishing uniform criteria for rose contest judging.

The World Federation of Rose Societies

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