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  • Registration

    ◆Registration Fee
    Registration allows you to participate in the programs in World Rose Convention in Fukuyama.
    *Charges of dinners and accommodations are not included.

    Start date July 16, 2024 (scheduled)
    Full Day Pass Early (July 16, 2024 - January 6, 2025)
    JPY 100,000
    Standard (January 7, 2025 - March 31)
    JPY 120,000
    One Day Pass soon
  • Welcome Reception

    On the evening of the first day of the convention, a Welcome Reception will be held to warmly welcome the participants to "Fukuyama, the city of roses". This party will be held outdoor with a view of Fukuyama Castle.

    Date May 18
    Venue Promenade of Fukuyama Castle Park
    (In case of inclement weather:
    Fukuyama New Castle Hotel)
  • Opening Ceremony

    As an event that signifies the start of the main convention, an opening ceremony will be held in a splendid fashion. During the ceremony, you will be welcomed with performances that showcase the culture of Japan and Fukuyama.

    Date May 19
    Venue Fukuyama Hall of Art & Culture
  • Lunch Party

    Following the opening ceremony, a lunch party will be held on May 19 for convention attendees to enjoy together surrounded by blooming roses.

    Date May 19
    Venue Rose Hill (Midorimachi Park Rose Garden) - Special Venue
    (In case of inclement weather, this event will be held at the special venue within the JA Fukuyama City Headquarters.)
  • Lectures

    Lectures will be conducted by researchers and experts from various countries on topics such as rose botany, cultivation, breeding, history, and culture, presenting the latest information and research findings on roses.

    Number of Lectures 15 sessions
    Dates May 20, 21, 23, 24
    Venue Fukuyama New Castle Hotel
  • Day Tours

    During the convention period, half-day and full-day day tours will be organized, focusing on gardens, botanical gardens, and other attractions primarily within Hiroshima Prefecture. These tours will provide an opportunity for attendees to explore the efforts in rose-themed community development, as well as visit famous landmarks and cultural facilities.

    Dates May 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
    Venue Various locations within and outside Fukuyama
  • Fukuyama Street Dining

    Participants will enhance their interaction through enjoyable social gathering. On May 21, which coincides with "Rose Day," a day designated by Fukuyama City, the venue will be set in the downtown shopping arcades, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere filled with the "community spirit through roses" that pervades Fukuyama.

    Date May 21
    Venue Downtown shopping arcades
  • Friends’ Dinner

    The Friends' Dinner is a gathering of members of "Friends of the Federation," a group that supports the activities of the World Federation of Rose Societies through member donations. This enjoyable social event takes place during each convention. For this convention, a dinner will be held at a scenic location that represents Fukuyama.

    Date May 22
    Venue Scenic location overlooking the Seto Inland Sea
  • Farewell Dinner and Awards Presentation

    On the final day of the convention, a farewell dinner will be held, including a ceremony that showcases the essence of Japan and Fukuyama. It will provide an opportunity for attendees from around the world to bid farewell and exchange their heartfelt goodbyes. During the closing ceremony, there will be announcements for the Commemorative Rose for the Convention, recipients of the Award of Garden Excellence, the Literary Award, and recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to the convention and the World Federation of Rose Societies. Additionally, the World Federation of Rose Societies' flag will be passed on to the next host of the convention, symbolizing the continuation of exchange and the promise to reunite at the next convention.

    Date May 24
    Venue Fukuyama New Castle Hotel
  • World Federation of Rose Societies Committees & Meetings

    Committees and meetings such as the Awards Committee, Convention Liaison Committee, Heritage Rose Committee, Classification and Registration Committee, and Publications Committee, as well as council and executive meetings, will be held. In these meetings, decisions will be made regarding the next host city and the Award of Garden Excellence.

    Number of Meetings 12
    Dates May 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24
    Venue Fukuyama New Castle Hotel
  • Optional Companion Programs

    Running parallel to the convention lectures, it includes visits to tourist attractions, unique cultural experiences in Japan, as well as opportunities for shopping and dining.

  • Pre-Tour

    Tours will be conducted prior to the main convention, visiting major rose gardens and other notable locations primarily in Western Japan.

    details >>

    Dates May 12 -17
  • Post-tour

    Following the main convention, tours will be conducted to visit major rose gardens and other notable locations primarily in Eastern Japan.

    details >>

    Dates May 25 - 30
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