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  • World Federation of Rose Societies Committees & Meetings

    Committee meetings, executive committee meetings and other meetings will be held for the awards committee, host selection committee, conservation and heritage rose committee, classification and registration committee, publications committee, and other committees. In addition, a council meeting will be held with representatives from 40 countries in order to decide the next convention host location and awardees of the Award of Garden Excellence.

    Number of meetings 13
    Dates May 18, 19, 20, 21, 23
    Venue Fukuyama New Castle Hotel
  • Lectures

    Researchers, experts, and others from around the world will be invited as lecturers on rose-related topics such as botany, cultivation, breeding, history, and culture. These lectures will provide an opportunity for attendees to hear new information about the rose, results of research, and other themes.

    Number of lectures Around 15
    Lecturer candidates Lecturers will be chosen among rose researchers, breeders, industries, and educational institutions both from within Japan and overseas, taking into consideration regional characteristics and other features.
    Dates May 20, 21, 23, 24
    Venue Hiroshima Prefectural Cultural Center Fukuyama,
    F-pico Arena Fukuyama (Fukuyama City Sports Center)
  • Welcome party

    In the evening of the first day of the convention—the day before the opening ceremony—a welcome party will be held for attendees at a unique venue that shows off the history and culture of Fukuyama, the City of Roses.

    Dates May 18
    Venue Fukuyama Castle Park / Fukuju Kaikan
  • Opening Ceremony / Welcome Reception

    Marking the beginning of the main convention, a reception to welcome attendees will be held featuring memorable programs and elaborate attractions, building excitement for the main convention activities.

    Dates May 19
    Venue Reed&Rose (Fukuyama Hall of Art & Culture)
  • Closing Ceremony, Awards, and Farewell Party

    A farewell party will be held as a chance for attendees from all over the world to exchange their goodbyes. Attendees will enjoy their remaining time together with a program that will allow them to enjoy the unique qualities of Fukuyama and Japan. Furthermore, the closing ceremony will feature the announcement of a new rose commemorating the convention and new inductees to the Rose Hall of Fame. Awardees of the Award of Garden Excellence, Literary Award, and medals of honor of the convention will be announced at this time as well. Along with the passing of the World Federation of Rose Societies’ flag onto the next convention convener, this party will serve as a promise to continue exchange between attendees and to meet once again at the next convention.

    Dates May 24
    Venue Fukuyama New Castle Hotel
  • Excursions

    Half-day and full-day excursions will be held throughout the convention period. Attendees will have a chance to see flower and botanical gardens, be introduced to rose-themed community development, and visit other famous locations and cultural facilities primarily within Hiroshima Prefecture.

    Dates May 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
    Venue Various locations within and outside Fukuyama
  • Rose Shows & Exhibitions

    Rose Shows will be held featuring activities such as a concert with one of the greatest orchestras in Japan and a showcase of traditional Japanese and other East Asian performing arts. The lobby and foyer of the venue for the convention, committee meetings, and lectures will also feature PR booths for partner industries and sponsors.

    Dates May 18-24
    Venue Reed&Rose (Fukuyama Hall of Art & Culture)
    Fukuyama New Castle Hotel
    Hiroshima Prefectural Cultural Center Fukuyama, and others
  • Friends’ Dinner

    The Friends’ Dinner is an event that is held during every World Rose Convention for members of “Friends of the Federation,” a group which supports the activities of the World Federation of Rose Societies through its donations. This dinner will be held at a scenic location that best represents Fukuyama.

    Dates May 22
    Venue Scenic location overlooking the Seto Inland Sea
  • Welcome Luncheon

    A luncheon welcoming attendees to the convention will be held on May 5 following the opening ceremony.

    Dates May 19
    Venue Rose Hill (Midorimachi Park Rose Garden) – Special Venue
    (In the case of inclement weather, this event will be held within the JA Fukuyama City Headquarters.)
  • Dinner Party

    A dinner party will be held to promote exchange between convention attendees. As May 5 is Fukuyama’s own designated “Rose Day,” this event will be held within the shopping arcades in the city’s downtown, allowing attendees to experience the “rose mind” that emanates throughout all of Fukuyama.

    Dates May 21
    Venue Shopping arcades in downtown Fukuyama
  • Optional Companion Programs

    In parallel with the convention lectures, companions of convention attendees will be able to enjoy programs such as sightseeing, Japanese cultural experiences, shopping, and dining.

  • Pre-tour

    Before the main convention, tours will be conducted of major rose gardens and other locations primarily in western Japan.

    Dates May 11-16
  • Post-tour

    After the main convention, tours will be conducted of major rose gardens and other locations primarily in western Japan.

    Dates May 25-30
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