Rose City Fukuyama
International Townscape Rose Trials

Background and Purpose of the Trials

In Fukuyama City, citizens planted roses with a wish for peace and reconstruction following the devastation of World War II. For more than 60 years citywide efforts have been made to create a city filled with roses. Roses are grown by children to adults, and today the city boasts one million roses that bloom throughout the city from home gardens to small flower beds along city streets.
The “World Federation of Rose Societies 20th World Rose Convention 2025 in Fukuyama” will be held in the city in 2025.

This convention will disseminate the Community Spirit of Fukuyama, “Rose Mind”, throughout the world, as a message of peace. “Rose Mind” encompasses the ideas of compassion, kindness, and the spirit of mutual cooperation that is nurtured by lovingly cultivating roses. This event also aims to create a new appreciation for roses while promoting initiatives that incorporate the perspectives of SDGs, which aim to achieve sustainable societies and pass on these initiatives to the next generation.
The Rose Trials call for entries that can be easily grown by anyone and are not dependent on the use of pesticides other than insecticides, that are suitable for cultivation in towns and cities, and that will add colour to any community.

The purpose of the trials is to publicize throughout the world a new global image of roses from Fukuyama and promote sustainable rose town development in accordance with SDGs by presenting awards for outstanding roses that can create a rich landscape and promoting them as townscape roses.


Basic Concept

Roses must meet all of the following characteristics:

  1. Roses that have excellent disease resistance, are vigor, can be grown without need for fungicides, and suit the climate of Japan (Fukuyama).
  2. Roses that colour the town, and create a rich landscape.
Location (Planting Site)

Rose plants will be planted at the Fukuyama Gardening Center (Kanae-cho, Fukuyama City) and in flower beds along the road, etc., around Fukuyama City.

  1. Gold, silver and bronze awards will be presented for varieties recognized for their excellence.
  2. The variety recognized as the most outstanding will be selected as the “20th World Rose Convention in Fukuyama 2025 Commemorative Rose.”
  3. Special awards will also be presented. (Details regarding special awards will be announced separately.)

Judging Criteria and Rating System

Roses planted at the Fukuyama Gardening Center and along city streets will be judged in order to discover roses that colour the town, and create a rich landscape.

Judging category A: Total 170 points

Criteria related to the functions of roses
Pest and disease resistance (80 points)
Resistance to pests and diseases will be evaluated.
Growth vigor (15 points)
Strength of branches and vigor of the entire plant will be evaluated.
Self-cleaning (15 points)
Self-cleaning ability, such as petals and flowers falling off naturally will be evaluated.
Weather resistance (20 points)
Adaptability to the climate of Fukuyama will be evaluated.
(See precipitation, humidity, temperature, and duration of sunshine on page 6.)
Continuous flowering (40 points)
Continuous flowering habit will be evaluated.

Plants (varieties) with 100 points or less in judging category A will not be eligible for Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards.

Judging category B: Total 120 points

Criteria related to the quality of flowers and fragrance
Overall impression (60 points)
Overall impression will be evaluated based on whether the plant gives a good impression including multiple flower buds, blooming flowers, and beautiful appearance.
Impression the rose giving to the town will be evaluated.
Quality of flowers (30 points)
Uniqueness of flower shapes and beauty of colours will be evaluated.
Fragrance (15 points)
Permeation, pleasantness, and intensity of fragrance will be evaluated.
Novelty (15 points)
Characteristics not found in existing varieties will be evaluated.

Voting by Convention participants (10 ~ 2 points)

10 points for the most popular variety, 8 points (2nd), 6 points (3rd), 4 points (4th) and 2 points (5th)
(0 points for 6th place and lower)

World Rose Convention in Fukuyama Organizing Committee and Fukuyama City

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