Highlights of Fukuyama

Fukatsu Rose Enthusiast Club (Higashifukatsu Town)

More than 400 "Rose Flowerbeds" scattered throughout the city
Healing hearts and adding vibrancy to our daily lives.

Over the past 70 years, the citizens have planted 1,000 roses, which have now grown to over a million, fostering a sense of community through rose cultivation. With over 400 "Rose Flowerbeds" cared for by the citizens throughout the city, they bring solace to people's hearts and add a touch of color to their lives. This is the captivating charm of "Fukuyama, City of Rose" an unparalleled gem in the world.

Rose Park(Bara Koen)

(Recipient of WFRS Award of Garden Excellence in 2006)

The inception of Rose Park began in the mid-1950s when residents near Minami Park (now Rose Park) planted approximately 1,000 rose seedlings. By 1965, it transformed into its current form and earned the name "Bara Koen(Rose Park)" among the citizens. Today, it boasts 280 different rose species, with a total of 5,500 roses. The park received the prestigious 2006 World Federation of Rose Societies Award of Garden Excellence.

Photo courtesy of Fukuyama Tourism Convention Association

Rose Hill (Midorimachi Park Rose Flowerbed)

This comprehensive park, centered around the city's flower, the rose, incorporates disaster prevention functions. The pyramid-shaped rose flowerbed, known as "Rose Hill," is adorned with hexagonal patterns. Embracing a citizen ownership system, individuals become rose owners, nurturing and bestowing their favorite names upon them with affection. Approximately 5,100 roses of 330 varieties bloom magnificently in May and October each year.

Photo courtesy of Fukuyama Tourism Convention Association

Hanazono Park

This park was created in 2016, on the occasion of the city's 100th anniversary, to harmonize with Rose Park and Midorimachi Park. Among the ten roses bearing the name "Fukuyama," seven have been planted in this park. The variety and quantity of roses in the park include 13 types totaling 309 roses.

Photo courtesy of Fukuyama Tourism Convention Association

Rose Flowerbed in front of Fukuyama Station

Established in 2012, it serves as the face of the station and the gateway to the city. Approximately 1,000 roses from around 45 different species decorate the area, including the special rose "Wolverine: FUKUYAMA," named in honor of the Hollywood movie "Wolverine: SAMURAI," which was filmed in Fukuyama. The city also appointed its first tourism ambassador, Wolverine, to commemorate the occasion.

Photo courtesy of Fukuyama Tourism Convention Association

Rose flowerbed certificated as model in 2023

Award-Winning Local Rose Gardens
  1. Garden Tomitani Volunteer Group(Ashida-cho)

    Garden Tomitani Volunteer Group(Ashida-cho)

  2. Midorigaoka Community Association(Hikino-cho)

    Midorigaoka Community Association(Hikino-cho)

Award-Winning School Rose Gardens
  1. Zaou Elementary School(Zaou-cho)

    Zaou Elementary School(Zaou-cho)

Award-Winning Corporate Rose Gardens
  1. Noso kimono shop (Shinichicho)

    Noso kimono shop (Shinichicho)

  2. Omoto Women’s Clinic (Minomi-cho)

    Omoto Women’s Clinic (Minomi-cho)

  3. Hiroshima University High School, Fukuyama(Kasuga-cho)

    Hiroshima University High School, Fukuyama(Kasuga-cho)

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Fukuyama Tourism Convention Association

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