Rose Mind

Share with the participantsand spread around the world
the spirit of Fukuyama, termed "Rose Mind"

What is "Rose Mind?"

"Rose mind" is a word that was born in the course of more than half a century since the postwar reconstruction of Fukuyama. It shows the spirit of "compassion, kindness, and mutual help" that is nurtured through loving and raising roses, and contains various thoughts such as peace, the affection necessary for growing roses, and the kindness to people and towns. Officially, the theme "Engage the Rose Mind" of "Fukuyama Rose Festival 1999" is the first use of this word.

Fukuyama, the city of roses
Rosemind spelled out in the story

Promotion of Rose Mind

We will embody the spirit of "compassion," "kindness," and "mutual cooperation" contained in the "Rose Mind," aim to spread the word to the citizens through the holding of the tournament, and share it with the tournament participants to disseminate it to the world.

The compassion and kindness towards people and towns nurtured by entrusting the realization of a peaceful society and postwar reconstruction to roses and raising them with love has been passed down as the "Rose Mind."Through the tournament, we aim to further penetrate the citizens, welcome them with heartfelt hospitality, and aim for a tournament that will satisfy the participants of the tournament.In addition, along with the roses that are in full bloom throughout the city, we will share the preciousness of peace with the people of the world, share the "Rose Mind" that is the heart of Fukuyama with the participants of the tournament, disseminate it to the world, and after the tournament. Will continue to take root as a culture of Fukuyama.

  • 1For the tournament, we will work with many citizens to enrich the roses in the city and share the “Rose Mind” and the message for peace with the tournament participants.
  • 2Not only will you experience Japanese culture and the uniqueness of Fukuyama, but you will also be offered hospitality where you can experience the "rose mind" through contact with the citizens.
  • 3Through the tournament, we will deepen our understanding of differences in culture and customs, which will lead to the expansion of inbound tourists.
  • 4We will promote environment-friendly town development such as cultivation of pesticide-free roses in public places, and present the direction of "Rose Town Fukuyama" that contributes to the achievement of the SDGs.
"Rose Mind" table
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