Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025


20th World Rose Convention 2025 in FukuyamaXNUMXth World Rose Convention XNUMX in Fukuyama During the convention,using the whole area of Fukuyama cityRose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025
will be held

Holding concept

You can fully experience the charm of roses cultivated in the history of Fukuyama's rose town development, pursue the charm of roses and future possibilities, and experience a new and enjoyable life with roses. We will create an event together with you.

  • 1A program where you can learn and experience the charm of flowers such as roses and greenery
  • 2Introducing Fukuyama's rose town development and disseminating the charm of Fukuyama's rose town, such as the relationship with roses rooted in daily life
  • 3Health / medical field, art field such as art / craft / music, etc.
    Proposals for possibilities in various fields and proposals that lead to revitalization of the flowering industry, etc.
  • 4A place for experimental use of the latest technologies such as digital contents
  • 5Efforts that lead to regional revitalization driven by SDGs
  • 6Creating opportunities for interaction with tournament participants

Evolve and continue to shine.
Send to the world!

Event Dates
May 2025 - May 5 17 (planned)
Whole city [Main venues] Rose Park, Midoricho Park, Fukuyama Express Rose Arena (Fukuyama City Midoricho Park Indoor Stadium), etc.
Configuration overview
■ Theme exhibition area
Symbol Rose Garden (citizen participation type exhibition), world of flower artist, proposal of living with roses such as flower arrangement of roses

■ Contest area
Rose bonsai, cut rose show, hanging basket, group planting, etc.

■ Stage / Workshop Area
Flower performance, talk show, etc.

■ Rose Market Area
Plants, miscellaneous goods, garden goods, rose goods, sixth products using rose yeast, etc.
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