Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025


To commemorate the hosting of the 20th World Rose Convention in Fukuyama in 2025, we will be organizing the Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025, a grand rose festival that will take place throughout the city of Fukuyama during the convention.


We aim to create an event where you can feel the charm of roses that has been nurtured throughout the history of Fukuyama's community development through roses, as well as explore the allure and potential of roses, allowing you to experience a new and enjoyable life with roses. Through our collaborative efforts, we present the following elements:

  • 1Programs that enable learning and experiential activities showcasing the appeal of flowers, including roses and greenery.
  • 2Introduction of the development of "Fukuyama, City of Rose" and highlighting the allure of Fukuyama as a city with a deep connection to roses, rooted in our daily lives.
  • 3Proposals that explore possibilities in various fields such as the health/medical sector, art sector (including arts, crafts, and music), and initiatives that contribute to the revitalization of the flower industry.
  • 4A platform for experimental use of cutting-edge technologies, such as digital content.
  • 5Efforts aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that contribute to regional revitalization.
  • 6Creating opportunities for interaction and exchange with participants of the convention.

We will continue to evolve and shine,
Promoting 'Fukuyama, City of Rose' to the world

Event Duration
May 17, 2025 (Sat.) - May 24, 2025 (Sat.)
8 days (tentative)
Throughout the city, including the main venues:
Rose Park, Midorimachi Park, Fukuyama Transporting Co.,LTD. Rose Arena (Midorimachi Park Indoor Arena), and more.
■ Thematic Exhibition Area
Symbolic Rose Garden (display involving residents participation), World of Floral Artists, Rose Ikebana, and proposals for a life enriched with roses.

■ Contest Area
Rose Bonsai, Rose Show (Cut Rose Contest), Hanging Baskets, Container Gardens, and more.

■ Stage and Workshop Area
Flower Performances, Talk Shows, and more.

■ Rose Market Area
Plants, General Merchandise, Garden Supplies, Rose-themed Goods, and agricultural diversification products utilizing rose yeast, and more.

■ Corporate Booth Area
Facilitating business discussions with companies related to roses.
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